Monster Legend Game Play

Monster Legend Game Play


Monster legend game offers the player an opportunity to collect and train monsters in the island in
readiness for a battle either with another player or m legends in the wild. The game therefore offers adventure to
the player, which gives him or her the ability to fight other monsters in the world in order to gain
experience for his monsters so as to gain access to new environments. Its therefore an exciting game
that everybody ought to play.

Raising monsters

In the process of raising the monsters, the game is located in the island, which has habitats
characterized by element like fire, water and many others. These habitats initially hold or accommodate
two monsters but the player can upgrade it in order for it to hold four. The monsters in raising them are
fed in order for them to gain experience the player must therefore ensure that the island has some food
to sustain his monsters by growing food in the farms.


These is the actual phase of the game, it involves fighting other enemy monsters in the game and also
stealing goods from the opponents farms. The many wins the monsters conquer the more experience
they gain. In every of the five levels the monster will be required to battle it out with a more powerful
monster or opponent referred to as the boss and overall the game has 100 levels. The player and the
opponent can battle it out with three monsters at the same time, which will need great skills to defeat

Hatching monster legends hack

The game gives players that opportunity to hatch their own monsters from eggs. These eggs are
obtained after winning the battle or through buying them. The eggs takes long to hatch and therefore
the player is required to speed up the process through buying the speed up hatching with cash. This
therefore makes the game very exciting to play as it involves the players a hundred percent. You will
have to win matches so that you can acquire these eggs, which will in turn increase your monster
number in your farm.