Can you believe that Flip Diving is created by real gravity facts

Can you believe that Flip Diving is created by real gravity facts

Flip Dive is a sport about dive, more particularly stunt diving. If diving of a stone cliff face, where one wrong move could result in instantaneous death, has been your desire, congratulations, heres a casino game where it is possible to eventually put your abilities to the test with a 0% probability of winding up in hospital.

The sport it self is quite straightforward and is performed in a easy 3 step procedure, Leap, Tuck/Flip, and Dive. Your diver begins at an extremely reasonable height and with each productive dive will scale higher and higherup the cliff encounter till you ultimately reach the top of the tough rock cliff encounter.

Even more about Flip Diving

Although an incredibly dangerous game in actual life, in a virtual universe where your player will return alive despite flip diving Tickets hack hitting his head against the side of a hardrock stage dive of cliff faces can in fact be quite amazing!

With a fantastic physics system and excellent images which can be realistic only if you require them to be no blood and guts this sport is a smart choice for people who dont have the guts to get it done in actual life. (Were joking! Seriously, leaping off cliffs is harmful!

Ever wondered how you could belly flop without getting hurt? Flip Dive has the remedy.

(Every one on our evaluation group perished at least twice each)

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